Here is a sample of cover designs for books, magazines, and other media for outside clients.  Pulp 2.0 takes great pride in providing our clients with eye-catching covers that boost sales.  Click on the magazine titles to go to their respective Amazon pages. 

The cover design for the sequel to Michael Stradford's STEVE HOLLAND: World's Greatest Illustration Art Model.

Who better to portray a 1970's spy- assassin than the greatest illustration model ever, STEVE HOLLAND?

Publisher Justin Marriott wanted a whole new approach for his PAPERBACK FANATIC zine.  We were happy to help him relaunch.

Part of the relaunch for  PAPERBACK FANATIC,  #47 features a larger format in full color, PF needed to maximize the impact of the main image with a spiral background.

Here is the sample cover we designed to nail the job providing covers for  Justin Marriott's MEN OF VIOLENCE magazine. 

Our first cover for MEN OF VIOLENCE based on a 70's era tabloid.  It was a good start. 

An exclusive look at publisher Manor Books who specialized in sleazy paperbacks. A dream job in terms of design. 

Originally titled DOOMSDAY WARRIOR, the publisher found there was a title conflict so we revised it to PULP APOCALYPSE.  

Here is one of the best-selling magazines in the Justin Marriott publishing history.  Based on a Sanjulian painting, we created a wraparound cover that showcased all the reviews within its pages.

Here is a case where the cover art for the horror paperback A Stir of Echoes provided the necessary hook for the Pulp Horror readership. 

MM is a tribute to classic monster kid magazines of the past. 

This cover was modeled after a WWII propaganda poster for conserving petrol.  Add in some selected images from classic British war paperbacks and voila'!

Pulp 2.0 was tasked with designing a cover that mirrored the classic UK war comics like BATTLE or VALIANT.  We took it a step further utilizing paperback imagery for an air of realism.  This book spawned a regular series...

With a new title treatment, and smaller size, the new BATTLING BRITONS refocused exclusively on UK war comics of yesteryear. 

This Air War issue is based on an RAF propaganda poster from WWII as well as classic images of British Spitfires. 


Here is the cover design for STEVE HOLLAND:  The World's Greatest Illustration Art Model . The book was published in both hard and softcover formats by author Michael Stradford.

Pulp 2.0 was tasked with designing a new zine for Justin Marriott covering Scifi, Fantasy and Horror paperbacks and comics.  We designed it as a square with a vertical title treatment to make it stand out from other zines on Amazon.  Thus the title PAPERBACK FANTASTIC!

This Fantasy issue of PAPERBACK FANTASTIC  features a wraparound cover created from two separate DAGAR comic book covers by artist Jesse Santos. 

Coming soon to
an Amazon near you! 

In order to help promote the book DEATH KISS: THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE, I created a grindhouse style lobby card.  This later became the basis for the promotional tee shirt. 

Here star Robert Kovacs Bronzi and his lady model the shirts and book. 

Here is a poster Pulp 2.0 designed for the indie action thriller AREA OF CONFLICT from Artist View Entertainment.