PULP 2.0 takes the juiciest part of media - the pulp - and gives it momentum for today's audiences to enjoy and appreciate.


Whether its classic Comics, Pulp Magazines, Men's Adventure, Paperbacks or Film books , PULP 2.0 aims to provide our readers with a colorful reading experience. We create books that are a visual feast that tell a juicy good story.


We are experts in repurposing classic material for today's tastes. We maintain that classic look but push it to the limit for our clients and their readers.


PULP 2.0 properties that we have either licensed or own outright are poised to make the leap to other media through licensing or co-production.


PULP 2.0 is the bastard child of one Bill Cunningham who decided to apply his education and experience writing and producing motion pictures and other media to developing and producing a line of quality comics, pulp, and film books.
Starting with the New Adventures of Frankenstein series of novels by Donald F. Glut, PULP 2.0 has grown to design, produce and distribute over 25 additional books, and branched out by offering its unique design and editorial sensibility to other publications. This includes Pulp Horror, Battling Britons, Pulp Apocalypse, Paperbacks at War and the upcoming Paperback Fantastic series.
In addition, PULP 2.0 has partnered with MEN'S ADVENTURE LIBRARY head Bob Deis to launch MEN'S ADVENTURE QUARTERLY the premiere magazine celebrating men's adventure magazines from the '50s to the '70s.